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Top 10 Digital Nomad YouTube Channels you MUST follow in 2021

10 Digital Nomad YouTube Channels you MUST follow. Digital nomad vloggers are people that make their living by traveling the world and creating content. They are always on the frontline observing things happening in different parts of the world. Of course, each one has their own opinions and preferences on where the best places are to visit as a digital nomad and how to do it at an affordable price.

Hi Guys, welcome or welcome back to Discover Evolution channel, I am Roman, I am from France and I currently live in Malaysia.

I have picked for you 10 of  the best digital nomads on YouTube that you should follow in 2021. These people are constantly producing high-quality videos that provide value to their audience and track a schedule that provide valuable advice while traveling the world.

So sit back and keep on watching…

Psycho traveller

10 Digital Nomad YouTube Channels you MUST follow

Follow her: HERE

PsychoTraveller is a British by birth, and an Australian citizen who has set out to explore the world one country at a time. 

Her passion lies in empowering her audience to create the life and travel experience of their dreams by detailing her journey.

She is also providing practical, actionable advice on how to fund your travels, where to travel and how to travel cheaply.

She believes you don’t need to be rich or live in another country to enjoy an international lifestyle full of distant lands and foreign cultures.

Discover Evolution

10 Digital Nomad YouTube Channels you MUST follow

Follow him: HERE

Roman is a Youtuber from France, he started his channel with his wife back in August 2020 and focuses on everything that is related to travel in order to give you awesome tips.

Roman and Fizah live in Malaysia and because of the current situation in the country, he decided to focus on a new video on digital Nomad and to help you get started your journey as a remote worker.

Soon the borders will reopen and Roman and Fizah will bring you on their future travel adventure. Roman and Fizah are one of the top 10 Digital Nomad YouTube Channels you MUST follow.

Travel with Kristin

10 Digital Nomad YouTube Channels you MUST follow

Follow her: HERE

Kristin shows entrepreneurial travel, specifically how to live your dream of travel and location independence. 

On the YouTube channel, she shares her views on entrepreneurship and the digital nomad influencer lifestyle. 

Her content is fun and informative and interesting for anyone living an expat life. You can also get more advice on business ideas, finances, tips about the digital nomad influencer lifestyle.

Joaanna Yung

Follow her: HERE

Do you want to be a digital nomad but not sure where to start? There are no classes or books you can read to tell you what it takes to succeed as a digital nomad influencer. 

On her YouTube channel, Joanna Yung provides excellent training. She will tell you everything you need to know about building a successful social media marketing business so that you can travel and work from anywhere.

Johnny FD

Follow him: HERE

If you search for top travel bloggers, you’ll invariably find Johnny’s blog on the list. 

He is constantly traveling the world while still managing a successful online business. 

When he’s not busy with that, he’s writing insightful blogs about his travels. His channel on YouTube is a must for anyone looking to be a digital nomad. 

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Alan Howard

Follow him: HERE

Alan wants to guide people to create a business online that gives them a location-free lifestyle and financial freedom even if they don’t have technical skills or a business idea. 

If you are new to freelancing or trying to make a transition from a 9/5 job to freelancing, you should definitely check his YouTube channel.

Ben brown

10 Digital Nomad YouTube Channels you MUST follow

Follow him: HERE

Did you know that even professional athletes can choose a digital nomad lifestyle?

Ben Brown is a YouTube Creator who focuses on embarking on challenging, outdoor adventures to capture epic footage. 

He is a former world champion kayaker turned into an adventure videographer and photographer. 

Check out his YouTube channel to get more inspiration about the digital nomad lifestyle.

Chris the Freelancer

10 Digital Nomad YouTube Channels you MUST follow

Follow him: HERE

Here is one of the most popular digital nomad influencers. Chris travels the world, teaches courses about web development, and generates enough passive income to live a digital nomad life. 

He has traveled the world as a freelance web developer, and so far in the past year, he’s lived in 4 continents,  & countless cities. 

He has picked up a few tricks along the way. His channel is on our ‘must follow’ list.

Travel Beans

Follow them: HERE

Hey! Another traveling couple. Meet the Travel Beans, a YouTube channel for travel inspiration for digital nomads. 

Alex & Emma are a couple that love to experience new nature, wildlife & food through travel. 

They are teaching English online and creating lovely videos to show people their digital nomad lifestyle. Their story will inspire you to escape the regular 9-5 lifestyle and travel the world!

Lost Leblanc

Follow him: HERE

Last but not least “Lost leblanc” is one of the most inspirational digital nomad influencers and also top 10 Digital Nomad YouTube Channels you MUST follow

We all love inspirational stories, but our favorite kind of story is one in which the hero takes a stand and makes his/her passion a reality.

This is Lost Leblanc’s story. He quit his job in Canada and moved to Thailand with a one-way ticket and decided to use his content creation skills and build a new life as a digital nomad influencer. 

Lost Leblanc also teaches online classes to make a living. Check out his courses on being a world-class content creator and NEVER go back to a 9-5 job.

I hope that these awesome YouTubers have inspired you and that you also quit your 9-5 job to live the adventure of your dreams.

On Sunday, we will publish the Part 2 of what job you could do as a digital Nomad, so if you do not want to miss any of these videos, do not forget to subscribe and to hit the notification bell.

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