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10 useful tips before booking any accommodation

Finding a place to stay is not always easy and it will also depend on your budget. Backpackers will looking for the cheapest accommodation possible and will not mind sleeping in a dorm with another 10 people. In fact, if you are traveling with your loved one, you probably will be looking for something a bit more cozy and romantic. On the other hand, if you are traveling with children, you are going to need accommodation that is more spacious and maybe with a swimming pool.

How long will you be staying?

Besides, If you are intending to stay for a long period of time, then considering staying in an apartment, like Airbnb. Apartments tend to have kitchens, washing machines, and all facilities that you need for a long stay. You will probably be able to get preferential rates for longer stays as well. If you are only staying for a short period then consider going to a hotel or hostel.

Suggestion: Long stay: apartment / Short stay: hotel or hostel

When will you arrive?

If you are arriving late, a hotel or hostel may be best. I have often found that Airbnb hosts aren’t big fans of late check-ins and may also charge an extra fee if you plan to arrive after a certain time.

Suggestion: Hotel or hostel

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How many people are you travelling with?

If you are traveling in a large group and would like to stay in the same room or apartment, then Airbnb may be the right fit for you. Hotels aren’t great for large groups, as you may end up having to pay for multiple rooms and this can be costly.

Suggestion: Hostel or apartment

Do you need cooking facilities?

If you are on a budget, traveling as a backpacker, or staying for a long time at the destination, then cooking facilities may be important to you, especially if you are on a budget. In that scenario, a hostel or backpacker with dorms will be better than a hotel or resort, as they often provide a lot of facilities.

Suggestion: Hostel, apartment, or backpacker.

Is it a special occasion?

If you are traveling for a special occasion, like a birthday, honeymoon, or something else then consider staying in a luxury hotel. They offer lots of benefits and facilities to ensure that your experience will be incredible and memorable.

Suggestion: Luxury hotel or resort

Do you want to be centrally based?

If you are visiting a city and intend to spend a lot of time exploring, then centrally located accommodation is generally best. Most of the time hostels are often well located and are quite affordable. You may find apartments in good locations as well using Airbnb perhaps a little more costly but you will not have to spend a dime on transport.

Suggestion: Hotel, Airbnb or Hostel

Will you be driving?

If you are planning to drive then it’s worth getting a hotel that provides parking facilities. As a result, you may end up paying a lot of money than was not plan in your budget. 

Suggestion: Hotel with parking facilities

How close is public transport?

If you are booking a hostel, check if it is far from public transports. I have been on trips in the past, did not check properly, and ended up having to get a taxi every time I wanted to go anywhere, which quickly adds up.

Do you want to socialize with other people?

Backpackers and hostel are the best. I have backpacked quite a bit and I have stayed in numerous places especially in Asia. Hostels tend to have common areas where people hang and share their stories and often evening events, such as bar crawls, cinema etc.

Suggestion: Hostel or backpackers

10 useful tips before booking any accommodation

Other considerations?

A few other things to consider, that are important when booking a place includes:

  • That the accommodation has good reviews
  • The cost matches your budget
  • If you need any special assistance such as a lift or wheelchair ramp and that the accommodation has the facilities
  • The check-in and check-out times work for you

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