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A Digital Nomad Guide to Kuala-Lumpur

Hey Guys! I am Roman and in today’s article, we are going to talk about what Kuala-Lumpur has to offer for Digital Nomads! Kuala-Lumpur is an incredible city, it has over 1.8 million inhabitants and it is a very popular place for digital Nomads and expats.

The capital has a lot to offer, and you won’t just experience Malaysia, you’ll get to see parts of China, India, Indonesia, and many other places.

Places to Work

Co working space Kuala-lumpur

Of course, you could work from your hotel room or a cafe but there are also places in Kuala-Lumpur that are specially made for that and we are going to talk about two of them.

Common Ground

Common Ground Coworking space has many locations spread across Kuala Lumpur. At each location, you get super-fast internet, access to printers, scanners, free coffee, and tea and there’s even a community manager available Monday to Friday who will assist you with any issues or questions. The monthly membership costs around $125 and gives you access to any Common Ground location.

H Space

H- Space is another co-working space with modern equipment with 24/7 access, free snacks, and drinks, high-speed internet, and lockers for your valuables. The fees are just under $100 per month which makes H Space one of the more affordable co-working spaces in Kuala-Lumpur.

A few more:


Where to stay

First time in Kuala-Lumpur and you are wondering where to find the best place for the next few weeks or months. There are a few options that you may want to consider depending on your budget.

Low budget:

If you do not mind sharing your room with others and sleeping in a dorm, that will be the best option and the cheapest way for you to find accommodation in Kuala-Lumpur.

For Instance, Hostelworld offers dorms that start as low as $2 per night! It is very cheap and at this price, you can not expect much in return.

A Digital Nomad Guide to Kuala-Lumpur

Mid-Budget – High Budget:

If you have a little more box in your pocket, you will be able to afford a room and you won’t have to share it with others. Agoda is an online platform that will help you find cheap and affordable accommodation. They are available in more than 30 countries and it is also very reliable.

We use on most of our reservations and we never had an issue with it and we highly recommend you to give it a goal.

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A Digital Nomad Guide to Kuala-Lumpur

Other countries:

Cuisine and Culture

Have you ever tasted Beef Rendang?

Kuala Lumpur is often described as being a multicultural country that will allow you to taste food from different parts of the world.

Fizah and I love Indian food, and back in 2008 I traveled to India for two months and I literally fell in love with their culture and cuisine.

The food selection in Kuala Lumpur is endless. You’ll find traditional food from almost every Asian country, and it tends to be very affordable. You can buy a full meal for as little as 2$ if you eat at local restaurants. Some of the most famous dishes include Roti canai, Nasi Lemak, beef rendang, and other specialties.

If you are interested in Malaysian Cuisine, we will release a cooking class video every Friday at 9am (Kuala-Lumpur time) Join now

Cooking lesson:

Things to do in Kuala Lumpur

We have now been living in Kuala-Lumpur since 2018 and you will be surprised how affordable this city is and what you can get and do for $10.

Lets talk about the three main attraction that you should not miss if you decide to spend time in the capital.

Petronas tower

They are the largest twin towers in the world and a must-see for anyone coming to KL. There are limited tickets available each day, so it is worth planning your visit to the twin towers in advance. At around $20, the ticket price is not the cheapest, but definitely worth it if it’s your first time in Kuala Lumpur. It will allow you to have 45 minutes at the sky bridge that connects the two towers and then at the observation deck where you have the best view of the city.

Batu caves

The Batu Caves are without a doubt the most spectacular and popular tourist attraction in all of Malaysia with over one million visitors each year. A colorful rainbow staircase and a 43-meter high golden statue of Lord Murugan provide the perfect backdrop for incredible photos. 

The main entrance is free, but some of the smaller caves nearby cost a small entry fee of a few dollars. I am suggesting you go early in the morning as it can get very crowded at midday.

China Town

Kuala Lumpur’s China Town is one of the busiest parts of the city with street markets, local restaurants and many hotels and hostels around. There are also a few temples around Petaling street and the central market located around 5 minutes walk if you wish to buy handicraft and souvenirs.


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A Digital Nomad Guide to Kuala-Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur has an incredible public transport system and getting around the city is easy and affordable. There are different types of trains which will take you to most places in the city center and to neighborhood.

If you’re living in KL for an extended time period you should definitely buy a rechargeable metro card that will make getting on and off the train a lot easier. There are LRT or MRT stations all around the city and the trains have air conditioning and are very clean.


Travel insurance master

Expected Cost of Living

Kuala Lumpur is a very affordable city if you manage to keep the cost of rent low. The best way to do that is to stay somewhere a bit out of town and choose an apartment without a pool or balcony. 

The groceries can also be very cheap if you are eating at local restaurants or buying your food at the local market.

Keep in mind that buying any form of alcohol, will considerably raise this budget as it is taxed very highly in Malaysia.

Sample expenses for one month in Kuala Lumpur

Essential costs:

  • Rent – $500
  • Bills for water, gas, electricity, wifi and household supplies – $60
  • Groceries – $100
  • Public Transport – $70
  • SIM card – $30

$760 total per month

Optional costs:

  • Eating out and nightlife – $200
  • Membership at a coworking space – $100
  • Laundry service – $20
  • Health insurance (varies greatly according to country) – $35-$100
  • Budget for day-trip – $100
  • Gym membership – $50

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