The crazy French man has arrived! I have now almost spent more time abroad than living in my own country, can you believe that? At 21 years old, I had one dream in mind to work and travel the world at the same time. I could not speak English and the furthermost destination I have been was the “South of France”

Firstly, I studied marketing for two years, got my diploma, and attempt to get a degree. Knowing that what I was doing at that point was not the right path for me. I quit school after three months. It was time to “step up” and work hard to get where I wanted to be. Waking up early, and working different jobs including long shifts at the bread factory was my daily routine. Being part of a “non-wanted” life, I could not get stuck there forever. Eventually, I got a certificate that allows me to work with children & also became a lifeguard.

After two years of hard labor, I had enough and had to find a solution. I could not find a job abroad because of my poor English. I wrote a fake resume, sent it to different agencies in the hope to get “the Phone call” that will change my life. One week later, a tourism agency called and asked me if I will be interested in working in the “Bahamas” for a period of 6 to 7 months.

They urgently needed someone that could speak French and had to leave within a week. (Can you imagine how my parents reacted when I told them that). They required someone that could speak French, but they also mention English. Did I told to them that my English was sucked? I did not, and they were pretty pissed when I land in the Bahamas. They gave me all that I was looking for, an opportunity to work and travel! They give me three months to learn English, and I worked my A** off to get where I am today.


Sky diving Malaysia

Top 5 of the Most Thrilling Adventure Experiences in Malaysia

We have selected for you 7 of the Most Thrilling Adventure Experiences in Kuala Lumpur. There’s a lot more to Malaysia’s capital than going shopping and other traditional tourist attractions. Push yourself and enjoy these mind-blowing adventures in and around Kuala Lumpur.


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10 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Malaysia

Before visiting Malaysia, do not forget that we live in Kuala-Lumpur so give us a shout, and we will be glad to meet you. While traveling in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is often overlooked by travelers, while in fact, it has so much to offer. Malaysia is a beautiful and diverse country where you will not…

You must visit the Batu Caves – Kuala-Lumpur

Table of Contents About the Batu Caves1- Lord Murugan2- Keep fit climbing the 272 steps to the high cavern.3- Most popular attraction in Kuala-Lumpur4- ThaipusamD’Mando Kitchen & Bar – Plaza GomacHow to prepare your first Backpacking experience.Meet Katerina Lee – Share your story with us. About the Batu Caves The Batu Caves, is one of…

Namul Vegan Cafe

Namul vegan cafe was created in March 2019 by Fiona. In the first place, Fiona was working for a merchandise company for over 20 years. Having enough she decided to start her own entrepreneurship. With the intention of becoming more healthy, she became a vegetarian three years ago. Not long after taking a vegan cooking…

This month (November 2020), we decided to explore the Cameron Highland once again. Of course, we had the chance to visited a few times but

Cameron Highland – Pahang

This month (November 2020), we decided to explore the Cameron Highland once again. Of course, we had the chance to visited a few times but on this occasion, we have been invited by Discover Cameron Travel & Tour. This local travel agency offers packages otherworldly & fascinating that will allow you to hike in the…

Backpacking in India

How to prepare your first Backpacking experience.

You finally decided to buy a backpack and to travel around the world but you have no clue where to get started or what to expect during your first backpacking experience. Don’t worry, I have been through this as well and, I am ready to share with you a few tips that I wish I could have used when I began traveling.

Meet Katerina Lee – Share your story with us.

Before I started my @digitalnomad_story blog on IG, about inspiring stories of people who work and travel remotely and started traveling on a full-time basis, I had an office job where I got a couple of weeks off a year. Before that, I worked for over 7 years in a position that gave me almost no pleasure.

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How To Pack Your Life Into a Carry-on

I remember the first time I went backpacking to Vietnam in 2004, I bought a 45L backpack and my goal was to carry as less as possible. I knew that Vietnam will be way cheaper than Europe and that it won’t be a problem for me to find clothes anywhere. At that time, I did not own a laptop, I did not have a phone (smart phone did not…

Mett Will Collett – Share your Travel blog & Story every Sunday…

I was an extremely happy child. I had a great family unit and was lucky enough to have had a privileged upbringing, growing up in a village just outside of Cambridge. Little did I know how things would change in my adolescent years. From the freeing nature that comes with the innocence of youth, to the bottomless pit that can be one’s mind. This is my attempt to share my ongoing journey from those happiest days, to battling my demons. A fight to the death. One that I almost lost.

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