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Get the right gear straight from the beginning! Don’t waste your money…


When I started traveling, I was clueless about how to pack and how to choose the right gear. After years of traveling and living as nomads, I have learned a lot more about gear, mostly through trial and error.

As an experienced traveler, I seek great value, durability, and high-quality products when I purchase my travel gear. Remember that cheap stuff will not last very long and that you will waste your time & money if you do not invest in the right gear. Being on a tight budget, as I am sure many travelers are! I learned that it’s worthwhile to invest in quality gear that costs more but lasts much longer too. With my experience, I have put together a wealth of resources on travel gear to help you to get prepare for your next trip.

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Traveling Light in 2021: The Best Carry on Backpacks

When it comes to The Best Carry on Backpacks, there are a few things you need to know… First, there are a lot of backpacks on the market at the moment. Some of them are amazing, but some of them are crap. Second – the term carry on will vary depending on the airline. What some airlines allow – others will not.

How to prepare for your first backpacking experience.

You finally decided to buy a backpack and to travel around the world but you have no clue where to get started or what to expect during your first backpacking experience. Don't worry, I have been through this as well and, I am ready to share with you a few tips that I wish I could have used when I began traveling.

Eco-friendly Products for Travelers

Over the years, we become more environmentally conscious and aware of the consequences of climate change. It is no secret that not only our daily living activities but also our holiday causes emissions and affects our planet.

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