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Could you be a Digital Nomad? Season 1 / Episode 9

If you already have subscribed to our channel, you already know that I am creating video content every Wednesday and Sunday to help you become a Digital Nomad.

However, the question of today is: Could you be a Digital Nomad?

Hey guys, I am Roman. I am From France, and I live in the beautiful country of Malaysia with my wife.

You see all these people traveling the world and making money online, and you are wondering if you could also be a Digital Nomad. 


If you have been working for a company for a long time, there are high chances that you already have skills and that you could potentially work for yourself.

Whether it is Marketing, writing, sales, editing, photography, copywriting…

There are a lot of different jobs you could do remotely and, there is maybe a chance for you to also work from the existing company that you are at. If they let you work from home, may be they will let you do your job from anywhere around the world.

Who knows! If you do not ask you will never know…

Think about your existing career but also to the previous one that you had, think about what you are passionate about:

  • 1- You may teach dance during your spare time
  • 2- You may go to Yoga classes and, I’d like to become an Instructor
  • 3- You love photography and, you’d like to sell your art.

There is a tone of things that you could do remotely and that where you can start Freelance. Of course, different skills come with different incomes but I am sure that there is something you could do to get started and support yourself while living abroad.


If you do not have the Freedom skill that you could freelance or work remotely, is there anything you could learn?

The main problem with this is that you’re gonna need some savings to start your journey with, and I would say that a thousand dollars a month will certainly be enough to get by, especially if you are traveling to Southeast Asia.

You could get a nice apartment, eat out and enjoy different activities but I will not recommend doing it for less than that. I think that a thousand dollars is a good number and I often recommend having at least this in your pocket to get started.


So if you already have a skill where you can do freelancing you can probably start making money from day 1 and try finding potential clients before you leave.

In addition, try to learn new skills before you arrive in a new country which will allow you to save time to do other things and to be more productive.


The next consideration, if you want to become a Digital Nomad, travel the world, and work abroad and that your partner is not interested in this kind of lifestyle then maybe it could be a problem.

You could try a long-distance relationship. I have done it with Fizah a few times when going cycling in central Asia or Europe and, it works fine for us as we have a mutual trust between each other and that we have been together for over eight years now.

However, for some people, it could be very hard and this is something that you need to talk about before deciding to sell your house and live abroad for a long time.

The same goes if you have children or elderly parents, you may want to consider this and maybe try to earn money from home to get started.

As I mentioned in our previous video, while being a digital nomad, you have to deal with long-distance between your family and friends and, you are going to miss a lot of family events too and probably not be able to fly across the world every two months.

Always remember that you can communicate with your parents via Skype or social media – I talk to my parents every 2 or 3 days and, if you think about it, it is way easier than it was ten years ago.


Friendship can also be a trick part of being a nomad while you are on the road. People are constantly coming and going and I personally quite like it as you are making new friends at the same time that you are meeting all these amazing people.

I am always very passionate about others’ stories and if someone has been traveling the world quitting their job and working remotely, I will be more likely to get along with them

However again, these people probably have the same lifestyle as yours and they are also moving from location to location. Unfortunately this is something you are gonna have to learn and deal with it.


What are your life priorities? Are you gonna be ok with uncertainty or are you gonna be ok with not following the “RULES”. Having a house, a dog and living a normal life.

Nomads can also earn a lot of money and this does not mean that because you are working remotely that you will never be able to buy your own house. Digital Nomad actually spend less than the average person as they have less possession and aRe more minimalist than a normal person would be.

Which means that they probably can save more money and that they will be able to buy a house quicker – maybe cash and won’t have to deal with the mortgage and all that stuff.


Some people think that because your instagram looks like you are on holiday 24/7 means that you are not working and just spending your time traveling and enjoying good stuff.

The truth is that most digital nomads that I know work 15 to 18 hours a day, which is way more than a 9 to 5 job at the office back home. However, they are working in an exotic place and do not have to worry about having a boss behind their back all the time to tell them what to do.

To become a digital nomad you need to be self motivated, walk up early in the morning and not be afraid to say no to this awesome party that is coming up if you need to finalize the job or project that you are working on.

pop up australia


A few more tips to help you become a Digital Nomad. We have recently created a community on our website, it’s free to join. We would like Digital Nomad and also travelers to be able to meet each other and share their experiences.

Click here

Remember that being a Digital Nomad and traveling the world is probably the most incredible job on the planet and that more and more people decide to quit their job in order to live that kind of lifestyle.

It is not an easy task and not made for everyone but if you are young and would like to experience the nomad lifestyle or simply work abroad for a while you could for example start with a Working holiday visa and spend one or two years in a foreign country to see how it goes for you.

Global Work & Travel has awesome different programs available and if you want to know more about it, i ll leave their website in the description below.

I hope that this article was valuable to you and that you have learned something today and if you have not subscribed yet, do not forget to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell and I will see you on the next video.

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