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Digital nomad: Have you ever wanted to pack your things, quit your job, and take off on a never-ending adventure? Once upon a time, man-kind roamed freely, from country to country, moving from one place to another. The very first human societies were nomadic and probably did not think that 100 thousand-year later we will be mostly settled and scared of the unknown.

As technology evolves and more employers embrace remote positions, there is an ever-growing movement towards nomadism once more. I mean, what if it were possible to satisfy your wanderlust and earn money at the same time?! That’s the exact definition of a digital nomad!

Before you jump into this lifestyle, it’s predominant to understand the pros and cons.

The Pros & Cons of Being a Digital Nomad.

#1 Work Wherever And Whenever You Want

traveling the world

This is probably one of the most obvious benefits. As digital nomads, we have the ability to work when and where we want. It can be a cute cafe in Bali, with lots of sunshine, and a cool breeze, or a bookstore/cafe with books floors to ceiling in Argentina. It no longer matters if you’re a night owl or an early riser. You work when it works best for you. You can finally plan work around your life instead of planning your life around work. Read more


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