D'Mando restaurant

D’Mando Kitchen & Bar – Plaza Gomac

About the owner:

This week, we came across D’Mando’s for lunch. Coming from a big city, I’ll admit it the place didn’t look like a restaurant from the outside. Moreover, don’t let that fool you, Mag “the owner”, has always had a passion for food. Since his childhood, his mother used to cook and sell “Nasi Lemak” (Traditional Malaysian meal), and consequently, Mag had to open his restaurant to realize his dream.

In 1996, he opened the “Taj Mahal” restaurant in Sungai Petani but decided to sell it in 1998 to leave the country to work as an Engineer in the Middle-East. For this reason, he will spend over twenty years working in Qatar, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Oman. Additionally, he found the time to open two restaurants in Perth (Australia) called “Street Eatery”, and Mag has as well a trading company and a construction business going on.

About D’Mando

D’Mando opened its doors in August 2019. and it is located in Plaza Gomac in Kelana Jaya. The place is separated into two distinct sections. The bar that serves both alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverage and the restaurant that also include a stage where live music is played to entertain the customers. Their specialty is North Indian cuisine, but you can also enjoy a large variety of food that will make everyone happy.

Price Range: RM10-RM32 💲💲💲
Location: Plaza Gomet – Kelana Jaya
Opening Hours: Everyday from 12pm to 10pm

Set lunch menu:


set lunch menu

A la carte:


Pasta carbonara:

Veggies: RM14.90

Chicken: RM16.90

Seafood: RM19.90


Mouton Masala: RM25

Hawaiian: RM22

Seafood: RM25

The restaurant opened its doors in March 2018. and it is located in Plaza Gomac in Kelana Jaya. The place is separated into two distinct sections. T
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Grilled chicken: RM16

Grilled Lamb: RM22

D’Mando mix grill: RM32


Chicken: RM15

Lamb: RM23

Beef: RM22

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Taste of Local:

Tom Yam fried rice: RM13

Belacan fried rice: RM13

Kampung fried rice: RM13

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