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Let me introduce you to Global Work & Travel (Posdcast)

Global Work & Travel

Do you have an Insurance yet? Get on today.

What is a working holiday/visa?

A working holiday visa allows travellers to undertake employment and travel within a country for 12 months or more

What trips do we offer and where?

We have over 60 trips across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. These vary from Au pairing to Volunteering, English Teaching, Working Holidays, Internships and Summer Camps


Trip overview

Embark on an unforgettable volunteer trip and experience Thailand’s lifestyle whilst making a real difference to their stray dog population. On this amazing adventure, you’ll volunteer in a stunning beachside town…

What kind of work can they do on the WH trips?

As we’re more of a travel company, we connect our travellers to job opportunities designed for gap years, such as hotels, bars, tourism, ski resort jobs, these are short term fun roles that allow you to meet people and escape the rat race.
Global Work & Travel also provides them support in finding a job.

Can you tell us a bit more about this?

We are partnered with over 1,200 organisations across numerous industries who hire travellers on working holiday visas.  We will assist in interview preparation, building Cv’s and line up interviews for travelers. We’ll have job opportunities for you before you arrive or within your first 4 nights and you have access to unlimited job opportunities throughout the working holiday.

The goal for most people that want to do a Working Holiday visa is to be able to earn enough money to travel and visit a new country. How many hours per week would they roughly do and how much would they get paid? We offer full time jobs that allow travellers to earn enough to support themselves, some jobs offer perks like staff accommodation and ski passes 

Is the accommodation included? 

Most employers provide accommodation at a heavily discounted rate, we offer accommodation support regardless but it is down to travellers to cover the cost.

Book accommodation: HERE

Is it possible to do a working Holiday with a friend? 

Yes absolutely, we often send friends and partners together and can coordinate their trips at the same time.

Working Holiday Visa

Global Work and Travel. Explore new countries. Meet new people. Learn new languages. Gain new skills. Discover yourself and live the life you know you deserve. Be more than a tourist and see the world in a meaningful way with Global Work & Travel.

Are flights and visas included in the package?

 No, flights are not included, however our team can assist with both.

Boon an affordable flight: HERE

Would I be able to go on holiday for one week in New Zealand and come back to Australia afterward? 

Most working holiday visas are for one year. Let’s say that I book a working holiday visa in Australia. Yes, the visa allows you to leave and re enter and we encourage everyone to travel during their working holiday.

Recently, someone asked me if it was possible to book a trip right now. What are the restrictions with the Covid situation at the moment? And how time do I need to plan my trip? ( Aus,NZ,Can)

 As there is so much work to do in planning our trips we generally recommend booking 6-12 months in advance to make sure there’s enough time to organise everything. Canada is currently open with availability from November onwards and for Australia and New Zealand the earliest availability we have is June 2022.


Trip overview

Embark on an unforgettable volunteer trip and experience the Nepalese lifestyle whilst making a real difference to the greater community. On this amazing adventure, you’ll volunteer in the bustling capital city, creating social and educational opportunities for the community. 

Finally to finish off the meeting, tell us Why should people book a working holiday trip through global and what are the benefits of doing a working holiday trip?

You can either choose to wingit and risk blowing through your savings in  a matter of weeks looking for work and accommodation- especially considering the last 16 months we have had or get the support and peace of mind by travelling with us.

Global Work and travel provides all the support you need, we are a company of travellers and understand exactly what it’s like to see the world.

A working holiday allows you to meet other travellers from around the world, gain new skills and experiences and have the chance to earn whilst you travel. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and by going through Global you have the assurance that you will do it right. 

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