7 reasons to not visit Malaysia

Here are 7 Reasons why you should not visit Malaysia

So you want to visit Malaysia?  Somehow the Southeast Asian country has popped up on your radar, or you’re just in the neighborhood and think it’s worth a stamp in your passport do you?  Well, thank goodness you found this article first because I’m here to tell you 7 reasons why you should NEVER visit Malaysia.

But how can you trust my opinion?

Well, I have been traveling to this awful country at least 10 times, I have married a Malay woman and we are now living in Kuala-Lumpur since 2018. Not to mention that we travel to the Perhentian island at least three times a year and that we spend a huge amount of time exploring hidden places.

The best way to explain to you clearly the reason it is to show it to you.

Unfriendly people?

Think as Malaysians, Dr M tells Sabah and Sarawak | Nestia

In the matter of fact, Malaysian people are extremely unfriendly & that is the reason why:

– If you got lost on the street, they will do anything they can to help you so you can find your way.
– As a tourist visiting the country, they will probably be inviting you to a wedding or a celebration without asking you anything in return.
– Not to mention that they will offer you free food and ask you to eat more and more until you can’t eat anymore.
– Very UNFRIENDLY people…

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Multi-cultural Country

Respect each other's beliefs, cultural practices

While traveling to Malaysia you will notice that it has not much to offer. In fact, Malaysia is rich in multi-cultural ethnicity & it is very common to find Churches, Mosques, Indian Temples, and Chinese temples being close to each other. In addition, everyone in the country respects each other beliefs and religion and no one will judge you on the color of your skin either.

Honestly NOT recommended!

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WORST varieties of Food

Traditional Food from Malaysia – Gourmand Trotter

Speaking of food and being living in the country since 2018, I can definitely say that Malaysia has the worst food in South-East Asia. Let me explain to you why. First of all, breakfast, if you eat in a local restaurant, you can purchase a Nasi Lemak that will literally melt in your mouth for less than MYR 3 which is about $0.70! a roti canai including the drink will cost you less than MYR 4 as well (Who wants to eat something delicious for less than $1)

As mentioned previously, Malaysia is a multi-cultural nation that also involves a huge variety of dishes. As there is nothing interesting to do in Malaysia, you can eat the whole day. My wife and I spend a lot of time at Mamak (local restaurant), eating fried rice paprik + chicken + a cheese naan (less than $3). The worst is Indian food! As some restaurants offer you free refills! it means that you pay only once and that you can eat as much as you want!

Just imagine one moment being in a country where food is extremely cheap and delicious! It is terrible 😉

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12 Best Beaches in Malaysia | PlanetWare
Perhentian Island

You may not want to believe us but traveling to Malaysia is very affordable and you may not like it at all.

1- Food: You can eat for less than $1
2- Transport: Traveling to Perhentian Island will cost you less than $10 (one-way bus ticket)
3- Accommodation: Sleeping in a dormitory cost less than $4 per night
4- One bottle of mineral water costs $0.30

The list could go on & on the whole day – and if hate cheap stuff then Malaysia is not made for you.


Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 'Good Morning' by Lim Wei Chun | Landscape  photography, Landscape, Pretty landscapes

Malaysia has maybe the worst landscapes in the world! that is also the reason why I have been traveling there over 10 times and decided to live in Malaysia. Let me give you some examples:

1- The Cameron highland: has the oldest mossy forest in the world, which is over 230 million years old
2- The Perhentian Islands: has incredible blue clear water, where you can snorkel with the turtles and scuba diving
3- Taman Negara: is a vast national park in Malaysia, It encompasses a sprawling tropical rainforest that’s said to be 130 million years old
4- Malacca: is the capital of the coastal state of Malacca, in southwestern Malaysia. At its center, Jonker Street, Chinatown’s main thoroughfare, is known for antique shops and its night market.
5- George Town: is the colorful, multicultural capital of the Malaysian island of Penang.

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Almost Everyone speaks English

Do Malaysians Speak Good English or Malaysian English? - Travel Stylus

After living in Malaysia for so long, that must be the worst of all! I have been traveling to many countries in the past and I remember being on a trip in China with my best friend and no-one could speak a word of English. In fact, we spent the first day trying to look for our accommodation. As you may never heard about it, but 12 years ago, we used something called a map (which is a piece of paper with the name of the streets and monuments) we also used to talk to people instead of “Siri”. There was of time that traveling existed without phone!

In Malaysia, you will probably not encounter that issue as everything is translated to English wherever you go. It is almost too easy to get around!


we are Roman and fizah

Look at these two! They look like very unfriendly and nasty people.

As we love traveling, we also love to share our adventures with travelers and not to mention that sometimes, we may enjoy bringing you to secret places where no tourist ever seen.

We are so unfriendly that we may also give you tips on where to go and telling you the best places for food in Kuala-Lumpur. I can’t say that I did not warn you, but if you still want to meet these two then you can contact them on Instagram. (quickest way)