Meet Roman – How did Everything started…

Once upon a time…

As far as I can remember I always wanted to go traveling and discover the world but when you are sixteen years old and you are still living with your parents that is not much you can do. I study marketing and even got my diploma, I even tried to pursue my study even longer but quit after 3 months as I did not feel that I belonged there.

I did lots of different jobs for two years and also passed an entertainer certificate to work with children which I used during the summer & winter season in France. My ultimate goal was to find a job abroad that will allow me to learn English. I sent a few resumes but all were declined. One day, I said to myself that I had enough and I created a “fake’ resume in English and sent it to different resorts abroad to work as an entertainer. I only received one call, the woman was speaking French on the phone, she asked me if I could speak English without even verifying my communication skills.

A week later, they sent me a ticket flight to the Bahamas and that is how everything started…

I must say that they were not very happy to see that I could not speak or understand a word of English but they gave me all I needed… Three months! Three months to learn English or they will send me back to France at my own cost. I bought an English book and I studied every night with only things in my mind “work abroad” and “travels’ ‘. My hard work pays off and allows me to keep my job but most importantly, it allows me to achieve my dreams.

Eighteen years later and I have now traveled to 40 different countries, I worked in ten of them and cycled 21000 km across sixteen of them for charity such as “the Australian Red Cross”, “Amnesty International”, “One girl” & “The national Cancer society of Malaysia”.

I met my beautiful wife while backpacking in Malaysia in 2013, we spent five years together in New Zealand and now we decided to buy our home in the city of Kuala-Lumpur. I began my photography business and everything was going smoothly until… THE COVID appears in everybody’s life. My business started going down dramatically and I had no idea what I was going to do.

I always was interested in learning how to edit videos so after our little trip to the Perhentian Island, I posted my first video on Youtube and decided that I was going to publish one video every week and see how it goes. Four months later, we reached 915 subscribers, more than we can wish for and I also started my “Travel Blog” intending to help other travelers achieve their dreams.

If Your Dreams Don’t Scare You, They Aren’t Big Enough | 

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

I know now that everything is possible in life, the only thing that you can’t achieve are the things that you do not dare to try.

I may lose my business because of the Covid but it will not stop me from dreaming and accomplish my bucket list. Everything happens for a reason! Do not let anyone tell you that you are a fool because you want to fulfill something crazy. Henri Ford said:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

Henri Ford

The only person to stop you is yourself…

Roman Onillon


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