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Kuih Onde-Onde kelapa (fried sesame balls)

Hey Guys! In this video, my wife Fizah is going to teach me how to cook Malaysian cuisine “Onde Onde”. As a Mat-Salleh I always love to try new dishes. What is your favorite dish in Malaysia, comment below? Share & Subscribe and hit the bell 🔔:

Kuih Onde-Onde kelapa –(fried sesame balls)

My whole family loves this kuih and it is one of my signature recipes from my late
mom. The recipe that produces tasty & soft springy skin.

This time I used fresh coconut filling – you can use any other type of beans filling if
you wish.

Yields about 20 pieces
120g Glutinous Rice Flour
20g Plain Flour
35g Palm sugar
3 Spoons brown sugar
A pinch Salt
100ml Water
Sesame Seeds – for coating
Coconut Filling
Cooking oil

Kuih Onde-Onde kelapa
Kuih Onde-Onde kelapa


  1. Mix all ingredients (except sesame seeds & filling) to form a soft dough.
    Divide into your preferred size of balls.
    Flatten each ball, place a ball of filling & wrap.
    Roll onto sesame seeds.
  2. If you like to keep for later consumption, place in an air tight container and
    Make sure you thaw in fridge before frying.
  3. Deep fry above medium slow fire until golden.

Coconut filling:

Fresh coconuts
Palm sugar + Brown sugar
Screwpine leaf


Heat up the sugar and water in the wok until boiled. Add grated coconut,
screwpine leaf, salt and stir till mixture thickens, Cook further till slightly not dry
and moist.
Dish out and set to cool.

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