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Meet Jack’s Paks

Hi! My name is Jack Terrell and I started the travel blog to share everything I have learned about how to travel the world while seeing more and spending less. My goal is to help everyone find creative strategies that will enable them to see the world. I am here to help you overcome challenges and realize your travel dreams. What I love about travel is EVERYTHING.

The day dreaming, planning, airports, food, languages, cultures. Everything.
I turned my back on materialism after a trip to Nepal inspired me to experience as much of the world as possible. I guess this would be my “aha moment.” There are few places in this world that we can be truly alone and without distraction and 17,000 ft up in the Himalayas of Nepal is one of them. I would sit for hours at a time and just stare at the mountains and think.

After multiple days of such deep thinking you begin to wonder what you were meant to do. It hit me then and there that if I could spend every day focused on experiential travel then that would make me happy. I wanted more though. I want to help others achieve the same joy I have felt
while traveling. This trip also made me realize just how little material things mean to me. When I think back on what the highlights of my year were, it was never having things, it was having experiences.

Carrying everything you need on your back has a huge impact on your perspective of what you “need” when it comes to the items you purchase. In the years since this trip to Nepal I have been able to travel to many amazing places around the world just by not buying things that I don’t need. Here is my one sentence travel resume: I have been to 31 countries via 108 flights to 4 continents and seen 48 UNESCO sites while there.

There are things from my travels that I just absolutely crave. They are. Nurnbergerwurst, Glühwein, The Himalayas, The Alps, Boone North Carolina, ChinaTown in Bangkok, these clams in spicy red sauce that I found in Dandong China, street food in Shenyang China. Just to name a few. You might wonder what travel style this guy has. My answer is: It depends on the day. Some days I crave cheap and delicious street food in Bangkok, other days I NEED that Villa in Bali that overlooks the ocean, and then I start thinking of finally planning that Harry Potter themed trip around the UK.

No matter what I do though, I always strive for authenticity. So I guess my answer is that I don’t have a travel style. If it is important to me I do it and I see value in it, I do it. Although I do consider myself as a frugal traveler, I view this more of a way to ensure that whatever amount of money you spend you are pleased with what your money got you. I want others to have better experiences than me and pay less for those experiences. After many missteps I have learned what it takes to save money on flights, debunked common myths about travel, and how to connect with a place at a deeper level. Most importantly though, what I have learned has made me a happier traveler and allows me soak in the joy of traveling.

I want the same for you and hope that better travels are the future for us all!

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