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Never too far with a camera. Who has never wished to travel the world and bring fabulous pictures of his amazing journey? Roman started traveling at the age of 22 years old through Vietnam and Cambodia, the travel bug began, and since his hunger to see the world never stopped.

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Meet Katerina Lee. Before I started my @digitalnomad story blog on IG, about inspiring stories of people who work and travel remotely and started traveling on a full-time basis, I had an office job where I got only a couple of weeks off a year. Before that, I worked for over 7 years in a position that gave me almost no pleasure.

My career began with a 14-hour workday as a pharmacist in a small town in Ukraine. After working like this for three years, I realized that I hit a ceiling and I needed growth. I moved to a city with a million people and found a job there as a medical representative, companies organized training for us abroad and it was begging of my passion to travel. The work was interesting and exciting at first, but soon I got professionally burned out and nothing made me happy.

The country’s cold climate also played a role. Once during winter, when I left the house, there was ice on the street, strong winds, and freezing temperatures. I slipped on the ground, as I was lying in the snow I promised myself that this would be my last winter in this country. The following Spring, I moved to Dubai, UAE, and got a job as a purchasing manager in a local company. The work was not difficult, but it took up a huge part of our whole life since we worked on Saturdays. One day a week was not enough to explore this beautiful country, let alone travel, and I began to think about how I could change my situation. But I couldn’t come up with any ideas, I was uninspired and it seemed to me that I was at a dead-end and lost my meaning …

And then one day, a man appeared in my life who changed everything. I left my settled life and started traveling with him. He was a digital nomad and instilled in me a love for this conversion of life. During the year I visited several countries. I was looking for myself here and there, I tried to draw, yoga, knit, creating jewelry … all this fascinated me and worked well, but it was difficult to make money on it because of the constant moving, and then one day I found myself in Thailand. I met many ice-breakers with remote professions, among them were coaches, yoga trainers, traders, IT specialists, photographers, and videographers … I was trying those roles on myself. But this was still alien to me.

Meet Katerina Lee

I hand-painted clothes, made jewelry, and made a small income, and then the coronavirus pandemic happened. People began to leave the island, and those who were kiotomtals sometimes could not buy their own food. My creative business completely came to a halt and I was very upset and was thinking about how to live on? One fine day, flipping through the Instagram feed, I came across the blog of a girl who lived on the neighboring island of Koh Samui. She was a web designer and talked about how she combines her work and travel. I was very interested in this and I was looking forward to every new video in the story. Inspired, I wrote to her that I wanted to be a designer and asked her if she could take me on as an apprentice. She replied that she studied on her own, without any schooling or courses, and did not know how to teach people. It was here that I challenged myself. I started to study on my own. Then I found a mentor and fell in love with this profession. Now I can create a website with pleasure, create ideas from stories and posts on Instagram, create guides, checklists, and banners. Actually many things.

That’s how I got a remote profession. My path was long and despite the fact that I need to work a lot while traveling, I can travel and get the opportunity to work remotely, and to see new places is a dream! (Meet Katerina Lee)

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Have you ever wanted to just pack up your things, quit your job and take off on a never ending adventure? Once upon a time mankind roamed freely, from country to country, moving from one place to another. The very first human societies were nomadic and probably did not think that 100 of thousand year later we will be mostly sedentary and scared of the unknown.