Must try food in France

Must-try food in France

As we all know, France is well known for the city of love “Paris”. The French heritage cannot be simply summed up as a list of monuments to visit. It also includes the beautiful French language as well as culinary specialties. While these are all true, the country’s cuisine is not to be forgotten. Whether it’s a simple croissant or a classic dish like escargot, French food always has a gourmet feel to it. Here is a small tour of France’s top 10 typical foods that you must try while visiting the country.

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1- La baguette

French Baguette

Nope, that “baguette” you bought at the grocery store doesn’t count. Especially when living overseas, I have been living in Malaysia for the past three years and I have not found a good baguette so far. In France, baguette-making is so serious that each year there’s a Grand Prix to determine the best. A word of warning: Once you try the good stuff, you can never go back. Between 0.90 Euros to 1.20 Euros.


2. L’Escargot (snails)

You knew this was coming. Aren’t you? Go ahead and turn up your nose, and start making weird sound Eww! But once these rubbery little guys are doused in butter and cooked with parsley and garlic (and more butter) — some while tell you that it is delicious. And for under $9 you can have six to yourself. Around 12 Euros per dozen

3- Ratatouille


Who has not seen the famous ”Ratatouille” movie and maybe decided to become a chef. Sometimes the simplest ingredients make the best dish. And that’s certainly the case in Provence where they take fresh, local veggies and cook them to perfection.


4- Steak tartare

steak tartare

Spend few days in Paris and you’ll see plenty of Parisians digging into a pile of raw meat (that’s often topped with a raw egg). Order an extra side of bread to help it go down and a café to finish the meal, and you’ll feel as French as it gets. Around 16 Euros per plate

5- Les Macarons

Les macarons

There’s an ongoing debate over whether Pierre Hermé macarons or Maison Ladurée macarons are Paris’s best. Basically, you can’t go wrong with either. Pick your poison — from the traditional raspberry or chocolate to flavors like matcha — and savor the layer of creamy ganache sandwiched between two meringue-like cookies.

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6- French cheese

French Cheese

In 1962, French President Charles de Gaulle asked, “How can you govern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese?” There is immense diversity within each variety of cheese, leading some to claim closer to anywhere between 1,000 to 1,600 distinct types of French cheese. It’s not a secret that French people like cheese. France is known for its several types of cheeses and I must say that I miss cheese very much. Not many variety here in Malaysia and quite expensive too.


7- Le croissant

Le croissant

That is probably the first thing you may buy while visiting France, and I won’t blame you for that. The croissant has a Viennese ancestor – the kipferl – which was imported in France during the XIXth century. As it became popular, many people revisited the recipe which finally made it the croissant we know today. It then became a traditional element of French breakfasts since the fifties.

8- Le Coq-au-vin

Le Coq-au-vin

The coq-au-vin (literally “rooster in wine”) is the symbol of French cuisine since, according to the legend, the recipe dates back from the Gergovia battle and the victory of the Gallic leader Vercingetorix over Julius Caesar. It is a variation of the famous boeuf bourguignon – cooked with rooster marinated in red wine and bacon and mushrooms. ( I miss wine so much)


9- La tartiflette

La tartiflette

That is delicious, believe me! La Tartiflette comes from the Savoy region; it is made from potatoes, bacon, onions and reblochon, a Savoyard cheese. There is a variation called “croziflette” where potatoes are switched with crozets, small buckwheat noodles.

10- La Raclette

La raclette

Another dish with cheese! What can I said, French love cheese. La Raclette has been imported to Savoy from Switzerland. It is a dish made of cheese (raclette cheese) that is melted (traditionally with wood fire, but increasingly often with small electric pans nowadays) and which is eaten with potatoes, cold meat, onions and pickles. This is the ultimate winter-friendly meal.

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