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Our brand, Discover Evolution, began in 2020; we focus on helping people have the best experience while discovering the world. With a relationship with hostels, restaurants, and tour agencies in Malaysia, we are building strong content on our Youtube channel.

We want to work with the best brand in the world and promote various destinations and products through our innovative marketing campaigns. Our followers are real consumers who are actively searching for the best accommodations, products, and tour agencies to use during their travels.

I am passionate about seeking new experiences and exploring new adventures to share with our growing community of readers. Cycling, for example, has been something that I have been doing since 2010. Accomplishing over 21000km across 16 countries, I will be glad to promote and review your products on our YouTube channel.

“Discover Evolution is the next level of travel influencers with years of experience & marketing background.

I go beyond the average influencer to help brands reach their maximum potential. Alongside our storytelling, videography, and photography skills, I do not doubt that I could help you grow.

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Let’s create awesome video content for you and promote it on our social media.


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Are you ready for a partnership with us? Please take note that due to the number of inquiries that we get, we are only prioritizing paid or win-win situation advertisement and collaborations.

We value our readers and commit to only partnering up with brands that fit our niche and company ethos. If you feel this is you, then please flick us an email! or directly on whatsapp below.

Let’s build something together.

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