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We are now accepting guest submissions from anyone interested in having their work featured on our blog to share your story. There is no rhyme or reason to how frequently we will be featuring guest posts, but we want to leave the door open for skilled writers and photographers to have their work featured on our site. We only plan on posting high-quality stuff, so there is no guarantee that your submission will be accepted.

Send drafts to us via email at

What we’re looking for:

  1. Original content can not be published anywhere else online.
  2. Focus on hiking, camping, adventure travel, off the beaten path destinations, wildlife, etc.
  3. High-quality photos and/or videos.
  4. Writing should be at a fourth-grade level or higher. (Minimum 1000 words)

What’s in it for you:

  1. Get some more strangers to read your work.
  2. Get a link back to your site/blog & promote your social media for Free.
  3. A high-five chest bump if we ever meet in person.

What’s in it for us:

  1. More high-quality content for our subscribers.
  2. All we ask is that you share your guest post with your followers via social media or however else you see fit.

*This is not a place for promoting products or services here. If you want to do so, feel free to contact us. 

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Meet Katerina Lee – Share your story with us.

Before I started my @digitalnomad_story blog on IG, about inspiring stories of people who work and travel remotely and started traveling on a full-time basis, I had an office job where I got a couple of weeks off a year. Before that, I worked for over 7 years in a position that gave me almost no pleasure.

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