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How does the referral system work?

Refer a friend and get 5% commission on each sale! They’ll get 5% off on their purchase.” will be displayed along with a link. When the buyer (Ted) clicks on the “Refer a friend” link, they’re taken to a page which generates a unique referral link for them. They can share their referral link with their friends on Facebook/Email/WhatsApp/SMS etc.

Never too far with a camera


This Ebook contains 148 pages, black and white and color photos of different places around the world. Each picture is of high quality and has words written underneath so that you can not only view the image but know what area it was taken. The photos capture the classic stunning landmarks, scenery, and architectural buildings of the country.

Approve affiliates and add products

After you have been approved as a new affiliate. From this page, you can get the URLs that you need to use when promoting your products. These URLs contain your unique affiliate key so that any sales they direct to your Payhip site via these links will be correctly attributed to youo and your share of the sale will be calculated.

The “Your affiliate profile page” is the URL that they can use to send visitors to your store home page. There’s also a URL that goes directly to each product that you’re able to promote – you can find this by clicking on the “Affiliate Links” button for that product.

More products to come in the future. The more product your refer, the more money you make.

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