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How to cook coconut milk rice nasi lemak

How to cook ”Coconut Milk Rice” Nasi Lemak

Coconut rice, chili on the side, slivers of anchovy, nuts, and a boiled egg: meet Malaysia’s national dish, the nasi lemak. A simple everyday meal gracing the dinner table of Malaysians all across the country, this beloved dish has a history as humble as its ingredients.

10 Massive Benefits of doing Push-Ups everyday

Hey guys! As we still under lock-down we are pretty bored so I decided to try a challenge that I have seen on YouTube and it's called the 500 push-ups in less than 30 minutes! please Like, Subscribe, and share !!! Subscribe and hit the bell 🔔:

How to cook beef Rendang from home

Beef Rendang – the best and most authentic beef rendang recipe you will find online! Spicy, rich, and creamy Malaysian/Indonesian beef stew made with beef, spices, and coconut milk.

The cost of living France vs Malaysia

Cost of living: Malaysia vs France

Cost of living: Malaysia vs France You may want to live in France or Malaysia and wonder about the cost of living of these two countries. Lucky for you in this article, we are going to give an idea of the cost of living of these two countries to help you choose.

How to make Kuih gula Melaka

Kuih Guala Melaka

Kuih Guala Melaka. In this video, we are going to teach you how to make Gula Melaka from home. (Malaysian Dessert from the city of Melaka) Subscribe and hit the bell 🔔:

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