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King: Maha Vajiralongkorn Trending
Capital: Bangkok
Dialing code: +66
Currency: Thai baht
Population: 69.43 million (2018) World Bank
Official language: Thai

Thailand is a Southeast Asian country. It’s known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples displaying figures of Buddha. In Bangkok, the capital, an ultramodern cityscape rises next to quiet canal-side communities and the iconic temples of Wat Arun, Wat Pho and the Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew). Nearby beach resorts include bustling Pattaya and fashionable Hua Hin.


These diverse Thai languages include: Phu Thai, Shan, Song, Isan, Southern Thai, Nyaw, Northern Thai, Phuan, and Lu. Some of these are considered minority languages of the country.


Thailand is generally a safe country to visit, but it’s smart to exercise caution, especially when it comes to dealing with strangers (both Thai and foreigners) and travelling alone.

  • Assault of travelers is relatively rare in Thailand, but it does happen.
  • Possession of drugs can result in a year or more of prison time. Drug smuggling carries considerably higher penalties, including execution.
  • Disregard all offers of free shopping or sightseeing help from strangers. These are scams that invariably take a commission from your purchases.


Thailand never fails to amaze its thousands of visitors with the most vibrant festivals that are sure to delight them by offering glimpses into the heritage and traditions of the country. Each month offers an exciting opportunity to be a part of these festivals. From kids to adults and old-aged people, locals have the time of their lives during these festivities. Considered to be one of the best ways to relish a memorable time in what is already known as an incredible country, these festivals in Thailand are the most popular ones to be a part of.

Best time to go:

It pays to keep in mind that seasons vary for different areas of the country. There are broadly three seasons in most of Thailand: hot, cool, and rainy.

The hot season in Central Thailand and Northeast Thailand runs from February to June. The rainy season is between June and October, and the cool season makes up the remaining months of October to February. Bangkok, Lopburi, Kanchanaburi, and Ayutthaya are common destinations in Central Thailand.

Northern Thailand – home to Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Pai – sees the hot season between February and April, while the rainy season runs from May to September. The remaining months are the cool season.

Rough Budget:

Traveling Thailand can cost as little or as much as you want it to be. This is a country that covers all budgets! This is a country where you can stay in $3 USD rooms or $1,000 USD resorts. Street food for pennies or gourmet dinners for hundreds. Expensive tours or inexperience attractions.

There’s something for every budget here in Thailand.

Thailand is a cheap country to live in and travel around. I usually spend very little money here. But that changed when my friends came, and why that changed is important for anyone planning to come to Thailand.

Now, after having spent quite a bit of time there, my packing list is much more Thailand-friendly. So for your next trip to Thailand, use this easy guide to help you figure out what to pack for Thailand:

Discover Thailand

People often ask me, “What should I take on my trip to Thailand?” so I put together this essential checklist.

I was only sort of right. While my bug spray and rain jacket were essential, I brought absolutely the wrong pair of shoes, and didn’t fully think about how developed, or conservative, Thailand is (let’s just say, I wasn’t prepared for AC on buses).

Best Things to Do in Thailand

We always recommend two weeks in Thailand as you’ll be able to see the islands, Bangkok, and Northern Thailand. Thailand is a dream destination for many backpackers and when it comes time to plan your itinerary you’ll realize there are so many things to do in Thailand and amazing destinations.

No matter where you end spending your time in Thailand you’ll have an amazing time. I went to Thailand for the first time back in 2008 & I wishes I could had stay longer. We’ve put together this list of some of must-do & see things in Thailand. Enjoy !

Before you get started you may also want to purchase “The Lonely Planet” travel guide, it is a very helpful friend while going anywhere, it will give the best tips on where to sleep, eat and things to see no matter where you ending.


There are over 300 islands in Thailand plan on visiting a few. Start by picking the #1 Thai island on your bucket list then plan on island hopping from there. If you need some help deciding where to go, here are the one that we have visited recently ( Kho Lanta & Ao Nang). If you ask one of the most amazing things to do in Thailand is out exploring their gorgeous islands. We love just renting a long-tail boat for the day and finding our own private island. 


Where To Watch Muay Thai Fights In Bangkok?

If you are planning to catch some Live Muay Thai action in Bangkok, you’ve come to the right place. I will share my (up-to-date) recommendations on the top places to watch Muay Thai in Bangkok. While the tourist-friendly and accessible MBK Mall hosts free Muay Thai events from time to time, it’s only good for casuals who want to get a fast-food sampling of the sport. If you want the real deal, then you have to venture a little. Let’s get right to it. Here are my recommendations on where to watch Muay Thai fights in Bangkok:

1- Lumpinee Stadium

Lumpinee used to be the number one spot for catching the best Muay Thai fights in the whole of Thailand. Strike that. Make that the whole world. Not only was it in a central location near to downtown, it hosted the very top fighters of the sport. This was a legendary venue where countless stars were made.

A few years back, the powers that be decided to move the stadium to its current location along Ram Inthra road, near to the Don Muang airport. The location was not only far away from downtown, the trip to the stadium never fails to be severely marred by the notorious evening rush hour traffic as the fights begin at 630 in the evenings (weekdays).

Is it still worth going then? That really depends on who’s on the fight card. But for tourists and casual sports fans, Rajadamnern is a far better option, simply due to the accessibility. The sport’s elite athletes still compete here at Lumpinee regularly but if you just want to catch authentic Muay Thai fights in a stadium, then hands down, Rajadamnern for the win.

For those in the know, Lumpinee still hosts many of the best Muay Thai fights/fighters comparable to Rajadamnern. Personally, I feel that it’s worth getting stuck in traffic for an hour to catch the high-profile fights if you are into the sport as I am. You can start early with your journey before the peak hour traffic picks up or simply relish in the Bangkok Jam experience.

When: Lumpinee shows are held on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The best shows tend to be during the weekdays but there will be the occasional big names or title fights on Saturdays. You can check the fight cards on Muay Thai 2000 a week ahead of the event. Drinks and food from outside are not allowed but a attendant goes around to take orders for drinks and snacks.

How to get there: Grab or the trusted cab. To minimize getting stucked in the horrendous evening traffic jam, take the skytrain to Mo Chit or the MRT to Phahan Yothin, then transfer to a cab. Flag a cab and ask to be taken to Lumpinee at Ram Inthra road. You might get turned down but you will have no problem finding one who will take you eventually. The cab fare to Lumpinee should cost somewhere around 250 baht (including toll charges) and half that for the return trip.

Entry: 2000 baht for ringside. As with Rajadamnern, discounts are offered for people training in affiliated gyms in Bangkok. You may ask for second class or third class seats at the box office.

Thailand most visited places

Beautiful & Amazing places that you will never forget

Where to stay in Bangkok

From $3 backpackers to $100 hostels up to $200 or more luxury hotels, Malaysia has a huge variety of accommodation options that suit all budgets. In rural areas you’re most likely to find  accommodations like guesthouses and that is personally what we like the most while traveling.

If you’re traveling during peak season or holidays, it is best to book your accommodations in advance. We recommend checking sites like Agodahostellook or Hostel World. No matter where you stay, you’re almost certain to experience the wealth of Malaysian hospitality. It’s an amazing place to visit!

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Take care, and plan your next trip safely. Civitatis. Fill your trip. Excursions in English around THE WORLD…

1 – Chiang Mai Temples Tour

At 1 pm on the day of the tour, we’ll pick you up from your hotel, ready to begin exploring five of Chiang Mai’s most important temples. Firstly, we’ll visit the magnificent Wat Suan Dok, also known as Wat Buppharam, home to the cemetery of Chiang Mai’s historic royal family.

Next, we’ll make our way to Wat Prah Singh, a sacred temple dating back to the 14th century and known for its spectacular architecture. We’ll get to hear about Buddhist culture and philosophy as we admire its lovely buildings.

We’ll then head onwards to Wat Chedi Luang Temple. Did you know that when it was built in the 15th century it was the largest building in the historic Kingdom of Lanna? Our next stop will be Wat Chet Yot, named in Thai for its seven spires.

Finally, we’ll visit the enchanting Wat Chiang Mun Temple, whose elephant sculptures are a true highlight of the traditional architecture set against a leafy jungle backdrop.

This tour of Chiang Mai’s temples will come to an end with drop off back at your hotel after around 4 hours.

2 – Doi Inthanon Private Tour

At 8:30 am we’ll pick you up from your hotel and head 100 kilometres (60 miles) away to the Doi Inthanon, one of the country’s most important National Parks. This is a popular destination in the country because of its cooler temperatures, allowing people to escape the heat of the cities. 

On arrival, we’ll begin to tour the park and admire the beautiful landscape, full of vegetation and impressive waterfalls. Then we’ll make our way to the top of Mount Doi Inthanon, by car, to visit the two royal pagodas. Nobhamethanidol and Nabhapolbhumisiri were built in the 1980s to celebrate the King of Thailand’s 60th birthday. We’ll wander around the charming gardens and lakes to enjoy the views from the country’s highest point. 

Next, we’ll visit a traditional market belonging to the Hmong tribe. We’ll also stop at a local restaurant to sample some traditional Thai dishes. 

Continuing on, we’ll trek through the rice fields and hills which are watered by the surrounding waterfalls. After spending two hours trekking around the park’s grounds, we’ll take you back to your hotel in Chiang Mai.

3 – Siam Dragon Cabaret Show

The Siam Dragon show is full of Thailand’s colourful folklore. In a 70-minute long show, the dancers and actors display a variety of colorful costumes that are typical of Southeast Asia.

The performance perfectly combines traditional cabaret with typical Thai folk shows. You don’t need to understand the local language, just sit back and enjoy the show!

The Siam Dragon cabaret is much more than just singing and dancing; it is also an eye-catching show that includes lighting and sound effects as well as the customs and traditions of Chiang Mai and many other cities in northern Thailand – a unique cultural experience you’ll never forget!

Ticket Options
  • Standard ticket: corresponds to the orange seats.
  • VIP ticket: you will see the show from the green seats, the closest to the stage.

Book a Cooking Class

Travelling to Thailand is a culinary adventure. The country’s dishes often include ingredients and aromas you may never have experienced before. But as your Thailand trip comes to an end, that doesn’t mean your love affair with its food must end as well. So before you depart the country, learn how to cook Thai food at one of these classes, and bring home a taste of Thailand with you.

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