Picking the right travel backpack is an important part of planning your trip. Too big and you’ll have too much extra weight to carry around..

Travel Gear

Get the right Gear straight from the beginning! Don’t waste your money…

When I started traveling, I was clueless about how to pack and how to choose the right travel gear. After years of traveling and living as nomads, I have learned a lot more about travel gear, mostly through trial and error.

As a long-term traveler, I look for great value, durability, and high-quality when I purchase my travel gear. Remember that cheap stuff will not last very long and that you will waste your time & money. Being on a tight budget, as I am sure many travelers are! I learned that it’s worthwhile to invest in quality gear that costs more but lasts much longer too. With my experience, I have put together a wealth of resources on travel gear to help you to get prepare for your next trip.

carry on bag

How to pack your life into a carry on?

I remember the first time I went backpacking to Vietnam in 2004, I bought a 45L backpack and my goal was to carry as less as possible. I knew that Vietnam will be way cheaper than Europe and that it won’t be a problem for me to find clothes anywhere.

Road trip

Road Trip Ultimate packing list 2021

The ultimate packing list including all of the road trip essentials you need to travel by car. We cover it all: men’s and women’s focused items from bags, to clothing and toiletries, to cooking supplies, and more. You’re planning to hit the road and need a complete road trip…

Digital nomads

Digital nomads packing list 2021

Welcome to the Digital Nomad Packing List. If you’re a frequent Discover Evolution visitor, you probably already know what a digital nomad is. If not, here’s a definition from Wikipedia: “Digital Nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies…

Cycling touring

Complete Bicycle Touring Gear Checklist

If you’re planning to travel by bike, there’s no getting around it—you’ll have to bring stuff.The central truth for this stuff: less is more. Countless cyclists end up shipping excess stuff home a week or two into their ride after they realize how little they actually need and precisely how heavy their extra stuff is.

Eco products

Eco friendly Products for Travelers

Over the years, we become more environmentally conscious and aware of the consequences of climate change. It is no secret that not only our daily living activities, but also our holiday causes emissions and affects our planet. we can’t (yet) reduce the carbon emissions effectively when flying from…

Hiking Gear

My Day Hiking Checklist

Heading out for a day hike is a wonderful way to explore nature with friends and family, or even by yourself. Whether you want to go deep into the mountains or stay closer to home, the places to go are numerous; many state/countries and national parks offer broad networks for trails, as does national forest land. 

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