8 Kodaikanal Travel Tips For Holidaying In This Gem Like A Pro!

Planning a trip can be overwhelming at the same time. My wife and I have been traveling since the moment we met back in 2013 & now and as you can imagine, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. We want to help you plan your next adventure by offering you some of our best travel tips and on how to save up for travel, what insurance to get, how to find cheap accommodation, all the way to the best adventures out there.

Our mission is to help people create unforgettable memories. We do this by making sure that you have everything you need for your trip, making the entire trip planning process as easy as possible.


How to prepare for your first backpacking experience.

You finally decided to buy a backpack and to travel around the world but you have no clue where to get started or what to expect during your first backpacking experience. Don’t worry, I have been through this as well and, I am ready to share with you a few tips that I wish I could have used when I began traveling.

How to choose a backpack that is right for you?

Even tho your backpack is not 100% waterproof ( Unless you are going on some long multi-day hike), make sure your bag is made out of a semi-waterproof material so everything doesn’t get soaking wet (most travel backpacks come with rain proof cover that you can put over them in case of a severe downpour